Seth’s Blog: Facts are facts, but images resonate

How often do people need a visual image to grasp a concept?

Seth Godin published this on his blog and the conclusion ties a pretty bow on the concept package:

How much does a ton weigh?

It’s not unusual to describe a heavy object in tonnage.

But no one has any idea how much a ton is, really. Is 250 tons a lot? How much?

250 tons is 500,000 pounds. About the weight of 8 houses. Or the weight of 100,000 bricks.

Which is a solid stack of bricks 10 x 10 by 1,000 bricks high.

It would take you more than 2 months, working 24 hours a day, a brick a minute, to unload that many bricks.

Facts are facts, but images resonate.

Image result for stack of bricks 10x10x1000 free use