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Using AI to Mess With Scammers

  Re:scam is a site that uses a chat bot to engage with scammers and waste their time with having to waste yours.  Using a chat-bot, the site takes a forwarded message and then engages with scammers with an endless series of questions.   Check them out at

Machine-Learning Algorithm Predicts Laboratory Earthquakes

Machine-Learning Algorithm Predicts Laboratory Earthquakes MIT Technology Review reported a breakthrough that raises the possibility that real earthquake prediction could be on the horizon. The team is cautious about the new technique’s utility for real earthquakes, but the work opens up new avenues of research in this area. Bertrand Rouet-Leduc at Los Alamos National Laboratory led…

Google is acquiring data science community Kaggle

From TechCrunch: sources are reporting that Google is acquiring Kaggle, a platform that hosts data science and machine learning competitions. Details about the transaction remain somewhat vague, but given that Google is hosting its Cloud Next conference in San Francisco this week, the official announcement could come as early as tomorrow. Article: