Past Projects – Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church

What I Did Synopsis

Reestablished and created a web presence for my church after previous parishioner left the congregation. Since the parishioner stopped paying the hosting fees,  the domain was bought up.   I selected a new hosting company and hosting plan,  established a new .org domain name,  installed WordPress,  selected and customized a theme appropriate for a small church and have created and maintained content.

Later I was able to reacquired the .COM domain.   I established a redirect for the URL to the site.


Who is Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church

Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church of Dover, PA was established 1899.  Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church is a member of the Lower    In 1985,  the property at 5 North Main Street was acquired. Dedication of 5 North Main Street, was held on November 14, 1993 as the Parish House. The Parish House was entered on the National Historical Registry in 1999.


Calvary is a  congregation of the Evangelical Church in America, or ELCA,  and an member of the Lower Susquehanna Synod

What I Did in Detail

I selected a new hosting company and hosting plan.  Since the church’s budget was already stretched,  needed to find an inexpensive hosting company.  I selected GreenGeeks as the hosting company.  I was able to get a 3 year deal for $3.95/month which included the domain.

Since the .COM domain had expired,  someone cyber-squatted on the site.  Luckily the .ORG domain was available, so I selected that domain. This established a new .org domain name. Using the cPanel, I  installed WordPress.

I then found and installed a custom theme that was oriented towards churches. We selected the  “Versatile Church”custom theme from Vandelay Designs. I modified the theme as the name/address display in the header.php file as it didn’t accommodate our needs out of the box.  The theme was also responsive as we found 22% of the visitors are using  mobile devices.

I setup and added Google Analytics to site.  This enables us to determine when and where our traffic is coming. It also enables us to do deeper dives into the users and their technologies.

Major dynamic content includes:

  • Weekly bulletins
  • Weekly sermon recordings uploaded
  • Events calendar
  • Preschool Enrollment request form
  • Special posts that would be made “sticky” to retain top listing for long lived items.
  • Linkage to Facebook page
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Sign-up forms for annual events like family retreat or road rally.

After 6 years of cyber-squatting, but with no effort on our part to negotiate buying the domain, we were able to reacquired the .COM domain.  Using Hover, I was able to purchase the .COM domain for three years.  I established a redirect for the URL to the site from Hover.   This is because despite having the URL on all our literature, hand-outs, etc., the .COM extension is so ubiquitous,  people would still go to and then call that the website was down.