Past Projects – Crystal Global

Provided BW and SAP support and development for the company.  Primary deliverable was a redesigned the executive dashboard linked to on premise SAP BW datasources.


Cristal was, at the time of the project in 2012, the second largest titanium dioxide producer in the world, the largest producer of merchant titanium chemicals, a leading manufacturer of specialty titanium products and a fast-growing producer of mineral sands and titanium metal powder.  Cristal provided numerous products and services for a variety of industries around the world. From coatings to paper and polymers to pigments, their products and services are used to improve everyday life – from plastic bags, printer ink, paints to aerospace parts.  This division has subsequently been sold to Tronox to form the largest TiO2  producer with assets and operations on six continents.


Project’s business case: Current Executive Dashboard  wasn’t being utilized to its full potential. I redesigned the executive dashboard to enable Cristal senior management to better utilize a visualization tool to support strategic planning and operational management and improve operational outcomes.

Using Qlikview,  redesigned the dashboard  to be organized as a roll-up of five key areas:

  1. Sales & Marketing
  2. Operations (Production, Inventory)
  3. Finance
  4. Safety, Health, and Environment  (SHE)
  5. Human Resources (HR)

KPI Examples

  • Finance:P&L Performance to Plan,  SG&A Trends;
  • HR: Global Head Count,  Vacancy Details
  • SHE: YTD Incidents by Plant; Incidents by Type
  • Operations: Daily Production; First Pass Prime (no rework), Manufacturing Costs
  • Sales: Sales & Revenue Trends, On Order,

Each area weighted the KPI’s for the roll-up to give an overall Red/Yellow/Green performance indicator.   Within each area,  users could drill down to see specific KPIs for that particular area.  These could be further drilled down by division, region/country, market segment, market sub-segments or plant.  We used “flashy” displays of gauges, thermometers and other representative icons for displaying the metrics.


Project Objectives:

Prioritizing of  Key Initiatives:

Short Term

1.Enable a real-time report for the available information, instead of current daily batches

2.Align HR & SHE to start populating their data in dashboard

3.Capture DSI measures into the Dashboard

4.Work with Finance to provide timely and quality data

5.Extract the Outlook directly from SAP instead of Excel

Medium Term

1.Improve the Look & Feel of the Dashboard

2.Introduce Trending and Clustering Advanced Analytics

3.Assess Security and Accessibility Needs for use on mobile and offline