Past Projects – Precision Electronics Company

What I Did Synopsis

The owner discovered the site was blacklisted by Google for malware.  Recovered, updated and harden the company’s WordPress based website after it was hacked and the original site developer abandoned the client.  Worked with Google to remove the blacklisting.  Provided on-going support keeping the site’s software updated,  backed-up and content management.


Who is Precision Electronics Company

Precision Electronics Co., Inc. (PEC),  is a contract manufacturer for OEM for electronics/electrical assembled products/services. They specialize in making cable/harness assemblies, control systems, critical materials/equipment, and custom electro-mechanical devices. Precision Electronics Company Website


What I Did In Detail

Started the recovery by performing a forensic analysis.  The site was a standard WordPress site and primarily static content. The site wasn’t being monitored, backed-up, or maintained. With no back-ups in place to recover to a point prior to the hack,  the site needed to be rebuilt from ground up, using quarantined content.  The original developer left several test sites active within the hosting provider with rudimentary security (admin password was “password”).  This allowed hackers easy access and the ability to upload malware to all sites.

Actions taken

  • Removed the test sites and hardened the administration password.
  • Removed malware components  and reinstalled base WordPress.
  • Updated with the latest versions of core WordPress software and plugins.   Provided on-going support to ensure were at the latest levels until an employee was hired and trained.
  • Recovered the site’s content to a quarantined off-line system
  • Added an automated back-up process in place to allow future recovery to a point prior to any incident.  Utilized Google Drive to save back-up files on location separate from hosting provider.
  • Added Google analytics to the site.


Provided additional services with  for a PDF based brochure, with new content.